There wasnโ€™t a dry eye in the house when Operations Manager Steve McHugh left Mole Group to set up Ardent Utilities.ย  Hang on โ€“ they’re in the office next door?! Then what were the flowers for lads? Steve has set up his own enterprise Ardent Utilities โ€“ so-called because of the team’s enthusiasm for self torture in Lycra, on the bike and on the running track. Theyโ€™ll be taking the same level of dedication to their underground utilities company providing specialist workmanship for the installation of domestic water mains in new-builds or existing properties. Itโ€™s been great working with Steve and Mark and we wish them all the best for their next step! Mole Group will be maintaining such a close working relationship with our neighbours that our dogs will still go for lunch-time walkies together. Weโ€™ll still offer competitive water pipe replacements using Ardent as our preferred supplier knowing that weโ€™ll be working side by side to look after our customers to build a successful and mutually beneficial future.