In October 2017, Mole Group successfully carried out a 90m water pipe replacement around a 90 degree bend at a private residence in Caldy, Wirral using our no-dig trenchless system to complete the job without a single excavation on the customer’s property.

The property had been without mains water so it was important that we attended site and resolved quickly. Taking just a matter of days from enquiry to starting the job, we then completed the work and restored the water supply.

The customer’s old water service pipe had failed, leaving them without mains water. The large property had a long tarmacked driveway which was narrow and fenced either side, leaving no room to excavate for our mole launch and receive holes without damaging the driveway. The total length of the pipe to be renewed from the valve in the street to the meter in the property’s cellar was approximately 90 meters. Even more complicated, the path of the pipe passed around a 90 degree bend!

Our experts assessed the site and decided to use our compact 4X drill, ideal for jobs with restricted access. After ground scanning, we drilled down the drive, (taking care to avoid tree roots), and curved the drill in the direction of the house. Knowing that the destination point was in the cellar, we gradually increased the drill depth to enter in to the cellar, scoring a direct hit on our planned path.

The drill then pulled a new 32mm water pipe through its bore and our team complete the job by plumbing in at both ends, restoring mains water to the property.

With a full 90metre water pipe replacement around a 90 degree bend and into a cellar, our advanced no dig technology added a huge amount of value to the work and dramatically reduced time, expenditure and impact.

Most importantly, the job was completed with no trenching whatsoever, meaning the long private driveway and garden of the property were unaffected by the work. Our friends at UKSTT were so impressed with this project that they featured it on their website!