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Camping life with caravans in nature park in rural Finland

Our directional drilling and moling techniques are the best solution for lots of utility installation challenges. A key industry that benefits from our expertise is Caravan and Camping Parks. With temporary and permanent lodgings spread across wide sections of rural land, park owners come to us to avoid digging up the landscape and to make it easy to install services to new caravans or amenities.

As the appeal of a caravan park to their customers is often peace and quiet and an unspoilt landscape, when they need to put in new utilities, the best option is to directional drill, not dig. Without the need to trench, our team can install over 100m of cable with minimal surface disruption, ideal when the route for the new cables runs past lots of caravans!

Another feature of caravan parks that makes groundworks challenging is that the units are often placed at irregular angles, softening lines of sight and creating more of a community feel. Of course the disadvantage of this arrangement is that the best route to install cables is in a straight line – passing straight under potentially hundreds of caravans. Luckily our system means that we can go under, in the shortest route, without digging up the surface or going around existing structures.

Last winter we worked with two very different sites on similar installations.

At Wirral Beach Caravan Park in Meols, our team installed 100m of 110mm SDR11 duct to take an electricity cable. We provided a full service approach including radar scan, excavations and coordinating with an electrician to connect the cables once installed. A privately owned residential site with 95 static caravans, the owners required over 100 meters of directional drilling to install new electricity services. Our 4x drill was ideal for this site as access was too limited to allow a full scale drilling rig.

Another caravan site making upgrades over the closed winter season was The Plassey near Wrexham. With a new gas pipe to install over a distance of just under 30 metres, the route travelled directly under existing amenities. As a large holiday park with a wide range of activities and a majority of holiday homes and caravans owned outright, the installation had to generate as little mess and disruption to plots as possible. We were able to mobilise our team at relatively short notice to complete the directional drill and completed the job in just one day.

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