Mole Group were asked to install new electrical power cables to a new development of properties under a manège (an enclosed area in which horses and riders are trained), driveway and field.


As the manège had been laid to a very particular specification in composition, due to its equestrian use, it was critical that the surface was not disturbed. The manège was an expensive installation, so the customer did not want this trenched through. The manège also needed to remain operational while the work was carried out.


Mole Group directionally drilled (HDD) from the incoming power supply on the land 360m away to feed the new dwellings.


The job was completed methodically in less than 3 days, and the horses and riders continued undisturbed by the works throughout. The developer is now able get on with other aspects of making the dwellings perfect for the lucky people who will live in this gorgeous location.