In September 2017, our team have been working at Gertrag which is on the Jaguar Landrover site in Halewood, Liverpool

Our client DACC contacted us to ask if we could drill from the security gate house to the main building to install a fibre link. The drill route is 116m and we are installing a 63mm cable duct. It’s the perfect installation for the TT-UK 4x drill and once anchored in place the drill was completed under the road, grassed area and car park to its final destination at the main building.

Due to a lack of utility plans for the site the route was radar scanned and plotted before commencement of drilling. At Mole Group we pride ourselves on a full turnkey solution for our clients if required. We can offer a drill only service or if the client requires the service we can provide utility plans/ radar scans and handle the permissions from the council as well.

The drill and installation of the pipe were successfully completed yesterday. The installation is now nearing completion with our civil’s team completing reinstatements and site tidying before demobilizing from site.