Business connections on your doorstep with Wirral Chamber

Lisa & Angela with TT cup

Look what they trusted us with!

Lisa and Angela joined Wirral Chamber of Commerce on their networking trip to the Isle of Man. It was pretty intensive throughout, networking on the ferry over from Liverpool with other local businesses and Chamber members. The following day was a whirl of meetings and informing everyone about directional drilling in the Isle of Man with Manx businesses receiving fantastic hospitality from their own business networks. There was a lot of interest in Mole capabilities as there are  many dug up roads on the Island where we could mole or drill beneath them, and we have already been in communication with some of our new contacts. The beautiful TT trophies really are works of art and were part of Isle of Man showcasing what they have to offer and it was so easy to get the ferry the Pier Head in Liverpool, we’ll be back!