in 2011, Tesco were installing a wind turbine at their Northampton Distribution Centre on the edge of the M1. With our own interests in renewable energy and our wide experience in directional drilling, as well as the opportunity to work with a household name, we were excited to get started on this project.

Project: Two 160mm ducts for power cables from wine turbine to warehouse entrance. The ducts needed to be installed under the reinforced concrete road to the entrance of the warehouse for the use of the delivery trucks. Having been let down by their incumbent drill contractor, Tesco needed a short notice, efficient solution

Objective: To enable wind power, minimising disruption to surrounding roads/car parks. Replace incumbent contractor who were unable to complete the job.

Problem: The other contractor had found that there was a gas main in close proximity to the drill site and their large rig would have to thrust off the back pit wall risking damage to the gas main.

Solution: Our two smaller pit launch drill rigs range from 1100mm-1760mm in length with the capability of pulling in 50metres of 225mm pipe. These anchor into the base of the pit, virtually eliminating risk of damage to the gas main. Mole organised for the work to be carried out the next day, a Saturday, and completed on Sunday just three days after receiving the enquiry. Our clients were relieved with the speed and professionalism shown and were able to continue their business as usual with virtually no impact on their build schedule.