In November 2012, Mole Group completed work at Chester University installing electrical ducting underground.

The University is undergoing a large scale 20 million pound redevelopment and improvements were needed within the communications and cabling infrastructure from Chester University to Parkgate Road Student Accommodation.

The challenge was to install 2 x 110mm diameter MDPE electrical ducting underground through an overgrown raised embankment which carries a busy footpath which was originally part of a railway line.

There were several challenges to overcome which included drilling over a 43metre distance in one operation, without surfacing and with minimum disruption to the environment and its inherent wildlife.

The difficulty of the drilling operation could have been impeded further by the difference in ground level between the two sites but in this case the problem was overcome by being able to aim our drilling head in any direction controllable from the surface.

The operation was completed on time, without incident and Mole Group were highly commended by the clients.