Situation: New buildings additional to the school required surface water drain nearly 400metres to the nearest burn. Like many of our schools clients, the work needed to be completed out of term time.

Objective: The main reason that Mole Engineering was brought in was that there was an impassable dense wooded area that ran down from the playing fields at 45 degrees to the burn at the bottom into which the 160mm drain needed to be run down at 2 metres depth.

Wallsend (Newcastle) School

Action: As all of our drill rigs are environmentally friendly (they don’t use bentonite lubrication) then our surface launch rig based at the bottom of the hill by the burn was the simple answer. There would be no contamination to the burn from our unique dry system reaming. The light summer nights allowed our team to work into the evenings, ensuring timely completion and cost reduction.

Result: Due to the successful drill up the hill we were requested to install the remaining 300metres of 160mm with a fall of only 1:120.

This was successfully carried out and we also then drilled for a new pipe across the main road into the site.

Aftermath: Quick set up, precision drilling and an analytical approach to the job requirements ensured all needs were met and led to further work for Mole.