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Why bury your Network Cables?

The alternative is often to link up wirelessly, but this can have lower bandwidth and security problems. A fixed cable installation gives better signal, better security, better data connection, and installing network cables through underground ducting will often be cheaper.

Network Cable Installation Process

There are a huge range of situations where using a directional drilling contractor will be preferable to digging trenches. Some of the advantages are:

  • Minimum disruption (to road, rail or pedestrian traffic)
  • Usually cheaper
  • Usually quicker
  • Relatively environmentally friendly (e.g. reduced CO2 emissions)
  • Small footprint for work (only entry and exit points)
  • Looks extremely professional
  • No scarring

Dry Drilling

We can install network cabling using our directional drill rigs or impact moles, and we have more than 30 years experience in running network cable underground. Our capabilities with the drill rig is up to 120m in a single run (much further with multiple drills), with accuracy to within an inch. We can set the rig up by one building, drill directly to another building and bring the ducts up inside the building without any trenching whatsoever. We offer this service to cable installation companies – our sub contracting is quick, efficient and cost effective, which helps network cable installers we work with maintain their reputation for professionalism and efficiency.

Mole Group can take care of the whole underground cable installation process, from start to finish, including searches, plans, licence to install an apparatus underground (section 50), drilling and installation.