Wildgoose Construction contacted us to assist them with an installation of a 90mm water pipe under the busy A4141 Warwick main road in Knowle in Solihull.

The 90mm water pipe was from a newly built Nursing Home on one side of the road and needed to be connected to the mains water supply located in a verge on the opposite side of the carriageway.

Mole Engineering drill team excavated around the services in the verge and positioned the 14 Tonne drill rig to enable them to drill to the required depth and surface on the opposite side of the carriage way, in the verge into the reception pit.

The reamer attachment was fitted to the drilling pipe assembly and the pipe was attached to the rear swivel end of the reamer and the hole was bored during the retraction of the drill pipes with the product pipe being installed during the retraction of the drill pipe assembly.

Working with Wildgoose Construction our Streetworks Operative stayed to assist with the connection to the main  supply and the installation was completed successfully.