What is Moling?

Moling is a trenchless method of laying pipes or cables underground, where a pneumatically driven machine known as an Impact Mole forces a path through the ground, displacing soil rather than removing it.

Impact Moles come in all sizes, from 25mm diameters up to around 63mm in diameter. We will pick the appropriate size Mole for your project, and it tends to be a quick and simple way to install smaller pipes underground.

Impact Moling Specialists

If you have a job that you think might require impact moling, call or email us and we’ll be able to discuss whether moling or directional drilling might be able to save you money, time and hassle.

Drilling/Moling vs. Trenching

Even when there are no obstacles in the path where you want to lay pipe, and the condition of the ground doesn’t matter too much (e.g. a field), it can still often be quicker and cheaper to use an impact mole rather than an open trench.

We can install anything up to 100 meters in a day, and have achieved up to 20 meters in a single ‘shot’ (in perfect conditions), but more usually we work to a distance of 10 meters to keep deviation to a minimum.

Advantages of Precision Drilling

There are a huge range of situations where using a directional drilling contractor will be preferable to digging trenches. Some of the advantages are:

  • Minimum disruption (to road, rail or pedestrian traffic)
  • Usually cheaper
  • Usually quicker
  • Relatively environmentally friendly (e.g. reduced CO2 emissions)
  • Small footprint for work (only entry and exit points)
  • Looks extremely professional
  • No scarring